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Whenever news on the Gaza attack by the Israeli forces was broadcast, J. I. Kamal would be a picture of sadness, pain and distraught. The incessant shelling, indiscriminate killing and the sanctions and the blockade on the Palestinian people. He should only know the situation, too well. In fact, better than most of us. He is a Palestinian.

“All the visuals, all the news are too difficult to bear. But we have to keep ourselves informed with the latest development in Palestine. “What is even worse now is that communication with our families back home has become more difficult with the recent attack on our homeland. “The only comfort was hearing from our family but that was only temporary before the anxiety resumed,” Kamal told Bernama when met at the “Save the Palestinians – Coalition of Malaysia NGOs Against Prosecution of Palestine’ gathering here today. The 36-year-old English teacher has been in Kuala Lumpur for the past 16 months, pursuing a PhD in Education at the International Islamic University.

Kamal, who was born and raised at the Balata refugee camp, the largest refugee camp in the West Bank, which is now “home” to about 30,000 refugees, also disclosed how he was thrown in prison and tortured thrice by the oppressor – all because he is Palestinian. “It is indescribable and unimaginable how our lives are, living as refugees in our own land. We have been humiliated too many times,” he said. Despite the psychological torture, Kamal said the Palestinians stood strong and would defeat their oppressors one day.

He was also overwhelmed with the support Malaysians showed for the struggle of the Palestinian people, adding that it would boost his people’s spirit to continue with their struggle. “They will never be able to break our spirit. We will prevail. There is hope and our hope is to live in our own land one day, peacefully like other countries,” he said. Fellow Palestinian Dr Ma’an Fahmi Al-Khatib yearns for the day when he can step on Palestine soil. “I dream of a free Palestine when I can return to the land of my ancestors,” he said.

Like millions of his generations, Dr Ma’an who was born in Jordan after his parents fled Jerusalem in 1948, was never allowed to return to Palestine. “... and although my immediate family is in Jordan, we still have many relatives in Palestine. It is just impossible, just to even visit,” said Ma’an who has been living here for the past 10 years. – Bernama

This video shows the documentary war between Palestine and Israel. John Pilger details the war in Palestine through interviews of Palestinian and Israelis. It details the progress of peace and the strategies and policies at work on both sides of the issue. This documentary describes about the history of war between Palestine and Israel or Zionis.


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