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Whenever news on the Gaza attack by the Israeli forces was broadcast, J. I. Kamal would be a picture of sadness, pain and distraught. The incessant shelling, indiscriminate killing and the sanctions and the blockade on the Palestinian people. He should only know the situation, too well. In fact, better than most of us. He is a Palestinian. All the visuals, all the news are too difficult to bear. But we have to keep ourselves informed with the latest development in Palestine. What is even worse now is that communication with our families back home has become more difficult with the recent attack on our homeland. The only comfort was hearing from our family but that was only temporary before the anxiety resumed. At Anwar Ibrahim speech, he said that he will support Obama if he want to stop the war between the Israel and Palestine. But, we will wait the Obama action first. Hopefully he will not follow the criminal leader likes in Bush era.


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