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Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah opinion held street demonstrations do not help strengthen the existing democracy in the country. He said, because it invites a variety of risks to many parties, including visitors, traders, regulators, journalists. Umno Supreme Council members also said that the objective demonstration of making a demonstration that it is not achieved, but ended with chaos.

"There are other elements to take advantage. Waiver (right) of others, first he supported us, ultimately with our behavior, he did not support us. "And perhaps the real goal is not achieved, but the talk of the demonstration is another story. Story disorder, summons to sue, go to cordon off the house and so on. "Peaceful rally or street demonstration, there are (and) I do not deny. It is a lot happening. Demonstration in a democratic country that is demanding the right of expression and organization. "But in a democracy, there are rights of the community, the right of public order, security rights, the right to property and so on," he said adding article 10 of the Federal Constitution guarantees the right of both.

He was speaking in a debate organized by the Daily Herald entitled "Demonstration Street: Demolition or strengthen demoskrasi" which was held in Shah Alam last night. Saifuddin said the existence of differences between the demonstrations that occurred in the context of democracy that existed against the democratic atmosphere that does not exist as cont0h struggles of the people against the Malayan Union. "There is no difference to create democracy, with the strengthening of democracy. This is the question," said Saifuddin argument PAS vice-president slammed Salahuddin Ayub before. In fact, he also criticized the view that equates Salahuddin street protests by religious processions as a form of demonstration and described as "a big mistake". "If so, I can say, the Prophet went umrah after Hudaibiyah Agreement, it is also a demonstration, stir us, gentlemen. "There's the difference between street protests and political context of democracy with religious processions," he said to applause supporters in attendance. In this regard, he described the views and arguments Salahuddin, who is also a member of parliament in the early debate Kubang Kerian have "structural deficiencies".

Saifuddin, who is also a member of parliament said there are various channels Temerloh and a more peaceful approach to strengthen the democratic ideal that have arisen. Among increasing public participation in decision-making process and strengthen existing institutions such as political parties, parliament and the electoral system and to further strengthen government relations with civil society. Replying to the arguments presented, Salahuddin said that the country in this world as long as it recognizes street demonstrations took place peacefully, peaceful and unarmed. While describing it as a universal right, he also stressed that the country does not challenge the practice of freedom between individual freedom and human rights. "This is the philosophy of law should we defend," he said. However, unfortunately, happen what is considered in the philosophy of law "the small print to take over the role of the big print".

Citing the magistrate issued a directive enclosed square NET assemblies, while it is claimed contrary to article 10 Constitution. Salahuddin said that the country is going to be a country that practices the philosophy of "autocratic democracy" and if people given enough space, then the demonstration is not necessary. "If space is insufficient, we do not need to say this protest in the streets or what was feared earlier. Street protest in a country with a perfect democracy, it strengthens democracy. "But for countries that reject democracy, or trial and error to pretend to democracy, justice, democracy or hide, street demonstrations to produce a demonstration," he said as he received thunderous applause and cheers from his supporters. Agree that the demonstration could damage property, Saladin, however, maintained the majority of these protests ended peacefully. "What is so chaotic because there is a gas. Throw the snake in front of you gentlemen, what will happen in this hall," he said to loud applause and cheers once again.


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