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Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim declared this evening that his Pakatan Rakyat (PR) had now achieved something which Barisan Nasional (BN) could not – to have a common policy for all races in the country. Speaking at the end of PR's inaugural convention here, he said his fledgling coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS could no longer be accused of not having a clear policy. Anwar argued that the ruling BN coalition had been unable to come out with such a comprehensive policy statement.

Among the highlights of the common platform tabled today were pledges to introduce means-based affirmative action, to bring back judicial independence and to ensure what PR says is people-centric economic policies. “Many people have said, Pakatan is a weak coalition, with no clear policy. “Today our direction is clear, I urge my friends to study the document thoroughly, I was in Umno and BN before, let me tell you that BN cannot come out with something like this,” said Anwar.

In his speech, Anwar also said the policy framework was a dynamic document and allows mechanism on the implementation to be worked out later. “We the elders, we are giving the younger generation the space to improve,” said Anwar, in response to demands made some leaders who asked PR to commit to the restoration of local government elections. At the press conference after the closing of the convention, Anwar said members of the coalition only had problems with implementing the principles agreed. “In the three-party talks, nobody spoke up against the democratic process, what we discussed was the method to implement the process,” he told reporters.

“If there is any assumption that some of us are against it then, it is not true,” said Anwar referring to the opposition to the restoration of local elections. He added that there are many issues on local government elections that needed to be addressed, such as the structure of the councils and their boundaries. “We take this document seriously,” said Anwar adding that the coalition will also engage with civil society groups to work out the details of the policy framework. The policy framework was prepared collectively by all the three parties and coordinated by former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, who is a PKR supreme council member. It was endorsed and officially adopted by the three parties after a one-day debate by the convention delegates.


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