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Kanta Media kali ini membincangkan isu Peraturan Luar Biasa SPR Bagi Pilihanraya Kecil Penanti. Panel jemputan kali ini adalah:

YB Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad- ADUN Seri Setia

YB N.Gobalakrishnan- Ahli Parlimen Padang Serai


Faisal Mustafa- Setiausaha Sekretariat Bersih

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) slammed the Election Commission (EC) for its decision to stop political parties from using canvassers at operation centres near polling stations. PR leaders are requesting a meeting with the commission next week to urge the EC to reconsider its decision. The EC yesterday said it would enforce the ban, which it claims is in accordance with the Election Offences Act, during the Penanti by-election scheduled for May 31. “This is shocking, during our meeting with the EC last week, we raised our objections and presented our arguments. We were under the impression that they have accepted our case,” PR parties were also asked to stop canvassing activities outside polling stations.

On canvassing Mustafa said the law only prohibits party symbols from being put up and limits campaigning to an area not closer than 50 metres from the polling station. He also said that the operation centres set up by political parties were meant to assist voters and the EC to ensure a smooth polling process. “It is not consistent with the law and more shockingly it is against their stand,” said PKR vice president Sivarasa Rasiah who was also present, referring to a letter issued by the EC allowing political parties to set up operation centres outside polling stations.

The letter from the then EC secretary Datuk Wan Ahmad Omar was addressed to state election directors, where he said only new centres are not allowed to be set up on polling day. Sivarasa also said that the right to solicit and persuade voters is guaranteed by the law as long as it was done 50 metres from polling station. He clarified that the Election Offences Act only prohibits house to house visits and the interviewing of members of the public on polling day.


Anonymous said...

spr adalah mahlok ya di guna pakai oleh bn. sering kali berlaku keraguan dan silap mata di lakukan. di bumi kenyalang spr adalah alat yg boleh memenangkan bn dgn mudah. nak ingat pakatan rakyat bila ada pilihan raya di sarawak pastikan ada kumpulan ejen yg lengkap dgn alat cangih megitip perbuatan bn. inshahallah kita akan dpt bokti yg jelas dan tdk dpt di pertikaikan.

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