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Anwar Ibrahim in Bukit Gantang

In Asia alone, we see political uncertainties in many countries and Malaysia is no exception. The next general election is still three years away and Malaysians have no time to wait for this avenue to make the change. The three by-elections (Batang Ai, Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang) will be the great challenges for the Barisan government and Pakatan Rakyat to garner the win.

The people are the kingmakers as shown in the Kuala Terenggannu and Permatang Pauh by-elections. Can this be a repeat for PR to win in the coming three by-elections? The answer is a simple yes! PR will take a clean sweep. There are too many questions asked about our judiciary, police and MACC but there are no answers in sight. Such silence is one of the many killing factors for BN to lose good in the three by-elections.

It will not be a surprise that the majority in the final count will surpass an astonishing level. The present political crisis has entered an alarming phase with the stepping down of the prime minister to make way for his most unpopular deputy to take the helm. Since the internal crisis is still brewing within UMNO itself, the spill over of dissents will definitely give PR the mileage to harness their chances to win the three by-elections. The outcome of the three by-elections that are going to run simultaneously will resolve in a manner that is consistent with the constitution and democratic values. This is what all clear thinking and concern Malaysians want it to happen, unlike the hostile takeover of the Perak state by the Barisan government.

The instant development in the respective constituency is not unprecedented to win the heart of the people, but it will be unlikely to work unlike the past. There are too many “misdeeds” that are swept under the carpet and this is where the people will voice out relentlessly for a change in a legitimate way.


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