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The Malaysian government is one of the first foreign regimes to have quickly congratulated Barack Husein Obama on his massive victory in the Presidential polls but their message to the newly elected President of the United States is not what the Malaysians think it is. Having acted tough against the George W. Bush administration in its comments on the Anwar ibrahim sodomy case this year, the Malaysian government expects a non-interference policy from the Obama administration in its local affairs.

Malaysia has a leftist thinking Minister of Foreign affairs who made his mark as a tough opposition member during the days of the Semangat 46 (S-46) party. Minister Rais Yatim is respected in the local political circles for his consistency in his criticism against American interference in other nations affairs. Supported by a solid group of civil servants oriented towards the protection of the nation's integrity – territorial and moral – the Minister will not have any difficulty to pinpoint to the Obama administration that any interference in the Malaysian affairs will only worsen Malaysian-US relations.

Anwar Ibrahim is well supported by the Democratic Party where he has top officials of the party on his side. They include former Vice President Al-Gore and several influential members of the American foreign diplomatic circles not forgetting the Clintons and the close circle of Barack Obama. It will not be difficult for Anwar Ibrahim to weave good and solid ties with Obama in the future. The Democratic Party has close ties with the Party Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) while its support for the Party Keadilaan Rakyat (PKR) is undoubted.

President Obama himself is known to be interested in the ideals of leaders like Anwar Ibrahim and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in that they want to be the bridge between the west and the Muslim world. Anwar Ibrahim is also member of an international foundation where both Republicans and Democrats from the US political spectrum are involved. His popularity among the current US administration is well known too and this is what has brought the recent 'freeze' between Malaysian and the US after the outbreak of the sodomy case in which Anwar was defended by the US State Department.


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