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After an extensive investigation in Malaysia, featuring candid interviews with highly placed insiders, Foreign Correspondent presents compelling evidence that the trial of Malaysiaâs Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim was based on fabricated charges resulting from a deliberate high-level conspiracy to oust him from office.

He was the bright, shining star of Malaysian politics, a leader in waiting. Now he languishes in a prison cell, serving a long sentence for crimes he and his supporters claim were contrived to destroy him politically and personally.

Reporter Evan Williams and Producer Virginia Moncrieff have new evidence and first-hand accounts of an elaborate conspiracy against Anwar and the dark and profoundly cynical effort to make a sham case stick.

Among a number of key players speaking publicly for the first time, a former official in the ruling UMNO party, Raja Kamarrudin, links the conspiracy to destroy Anwar directly to inner sanctum of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed.

"My duty is to give propaganda to speak to the UMNO people that Anwar is not fit to be the Prime Minister," says Kamarudin.

Foreign Correspondent reveals how Malaysian officials, as far away as the United States, tried bribing witnesses to testify against Anwar.

Also speaking for the first time, in a powerful, program-length special, are relatives and associates of Anwar who claim to have been repeatedly stripped and brutalised by Malaysian police as part of a program of intimidation designed to draw false confessions that they had been sodomised by Anwar.

"They want to punch me, they want to slap me and theyâre very angry, at the time I cannot even say the words Îwhat do you want from meâ. I just feel cold, I feel ashamed because Iâm naked then I cried and just stood there," Sukma Darmawan.

In an explosive letter to Foreign Correspondent, from solitary confinement, Anwar accuses Mahathir personally of orchestrating the conspiracy against him to protect his cronies and family.

"Corruption was endemic. On · critical issues like democracy, corruption, my views were well articulated. I was his nemesis and he was terrified that I may pose a challenge to his leadership in the party," Anwar Ibrahim.

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